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Cognitive Learning provides each Fast ForWord student with one of our qualified teachers who will work closely with the student.

Our Services

  • Our facilitators are led by a team of Certified Teachers, many of which have their Special Education qualifications.
  • Our team has over 25 years of experience in using, monitoring, and implementing the Fast ForWord program.
  • We provide weekly monitoring and reporting.
  • Students and parents are supported with unparalleled training and guidance via telephone, email, Skype, and Face Time.
  • Our focus is on long-term mentorship to produce Real Life Results.
  • You can contact us at our toll free number, Monday – Friday: 1-844-297-1259
  • Call for a FREE CONSULTATION. One of our certified providers will assess your needs and recommend an appropriate program and price.

Our Programs

Scientific Learning and Fast ForWord have a variety of programs that we can offer as an authorized provider. Based on the student’s age, academic goals, and learning challenges, we will recommend the most beneficial program for you. The programs include the following:

Fast ForWord Reading

Fast ForWord Reading enables all students to effectively reach their true reading and learning potential.

The Impact of Reading Achievement

Students who are not proficient readers by 3rd grade are four times more likely to drop out in high school than proficient readers. With 2 out of 3 students reading below grade level, we are in the midst of a reading crisis. Fast ForWord Reading can help make elementary students become skilled readers, successful learners, effective communicators, and confident individuals.

Build a Strong Foundation

The Fast ForWord Reading program reaches deeper than other reading programs to target the root causes of reading struggles in the brain. It builds stronger readers and lifelong learners by simultaneously strengthening reading skills and their underlying cognitive skills. This strong foundation sets the stage for success in other subject areas and for continued growth even after completing the program.

The Reading Rope

Engaging and Motivating Features

Fun characters, animated rewards, real-time progress meters, and other features engage students as they work on gamified exercises that adapt to students’ performance. Motivated students who work on this personalized and adaptive program make rapid progress, no matter their starting point.
Fast ForWord Literacy

Fast ForWord Literacy enables all adolescent students to effectively reach their true reading and learning potential.

A Breakthrough for Struggling Adolescent Readers

Two-thirds of secondary students lack proficient reading skills, leading to struggles with learning, confidence, and behavior. With the release of the Elements I series of exercises, Fast ForWord Literacy offers the first reading intervention fully designed to build cognitive and language skills in adolescent learners, resulting in lasting reading gains, social-emotional growth, and improved graduation rates.

Personalized and Adaptive to Reach Every Reader

No two students, classrooms, or even schools have the same needs. With Fast ForWord Literacy, students receive differentiated, personalized, and adaptive learning opportunities, while teachers can choose from Fast ForWord’s flexible scheduling options to supplement core instruction.

Engage the Adolescent Mind

Age-appropriate content, adaptive exercises, and leveled reading selections dynamically adjust to reading skill attainment and student progress. Exercises are designed to promote confidence and student agency while  providing real-time and personalized corrective feedback.

Continuous Multi-Level Progress Monitoring

Robust progress monitoring and reports offer student, class, school, and district-wide views on learning achievement. The Reading Progress Indicator proprietary assessment correlates to nationally normed assessments, establishing its high level of validity.

Seamless Integration and Flexible On-Boarding

Teachers can choose between on-site consultation or free, on-demand virtual training. Thoughtfully designed instructor manuals minimize prep time and include lesson plans, exercise overviews, and ready-to-use student worksheets.

Reading Assistant Plus ™

Meet our online guided reading component of the Fast ForWord program that improves vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and prosody.

Oral reading is critical in improving reading fluency, comprehension, and prosody. Reading Assistant Plus™️ is an innovative online guided reading tool and component of the Fast ForWord program that provides intensive reading practice. Learners use the tool to read developmentally appropriate texts both silently and aloud. What makes Reading Assistant Plus such an innovative reading practice tool is its use of patented technology that listens as each word is read aloud and delivers immediate support whenever a learner struggles with or mispronounces a word — reinforcing newly learned reading skills, vocabulary, and fluency.

What Reading Assistant Plus Does

Provides Guided Reading Support to More Students

  • Reading Assistant Plus uses patented speech recognition technology to deliver real-time corrective guided reading feedback, enabling learners to self-correct as they are reading aloud.

Improves Both Silent Reading and Oral Reading Skills

  • Unlike other digital reading practice resources that only allow learners to record themselves reading aloud, Reading Assistant Plus actually listens and helps learners whenever they struggle or mispronounce a word — it’s like having a personal guided reading tutor available 24/7!

Saves Teachers Time

  • Automatic calculation of words correct per minute (WCPM), and actionable comprehension and vocabulary reports make it easy for teachers to track learners’ reading levels, and specific areas of strength and weakness.

Pre-teaches Academic Vocabulary

  • Built-in Word Wall activities pre-teach academic vocabulary, activate prior knowledge, and provide pronunciations for new words before learners begin each e-book passage.

Reaches the Reluctant Reader

  • Reading Assistant Plus provides reading selections for a variety of interests and reading levels, plus frequent comprehension checks, to keep learners motivated and focused on reading for meaning.

How does it work?

All learning starts in the brain.

Fast ForWord works because it starts with the brain. It uses the science of learning to help students develop their reading brain for lasting gains.